Google glasses have received mixed reactions from the public soon after its release. A lot of people were completely amazed by what all the glass could do and then there was a section of the population that was very upset with all that it couldn’t.

The problem with any futuristic device is that no one really knows what to expect. Their best guess is to gauge its importance or features against some Hollywoodmovie and its devices. This is one of the biggest reasons so as to why a lot of people were disappointed with the glass. Some even thought that the glass had been rolled out a little too soon (before its time) and so, Google (apparently) must have brought it into the market without having perfected it.

Style Speculation

The success or failure of a device depends upon how the users take to it. However, the most preliminary judgment is done by the technology critics and a lot of people rely on it. Now, tastes can differ and so can the sense of utility. One might really appreciate one quality while the other completely disapproves of it.

In this situation (Google Glass) has yet to be open for general masses. So we automatically depend upon the feedback received by the Glass explorers, not appreciating the fact that the very reason of the explorer program is to in fact ‘explore’ it’s potential and identify its flaws for further rectification.

This is why a lot of people have come up with an explanation that the Glass has put style before utility. They think that Google has invested too much thought, money and energy in devising a sleek and stylish look for the glass neglecting the significance of the utility that it may actually have.

Google Glass web development

The scope of Google glass web development currently is infinite. With a device so new, people have no idea so as to what all they can achieve with it and what all they can’t. This is why many Google glass enthusiasts have taken the plunge in the realms of Google glass web development.

Google Glass Application development

Any device is only as good as the applications that run on them. This is why so many apps for the Google glass market have already begun emerging even before the device has become open to public. With specific and detailed Google Glass application development one has a high chance of increasing their own profitability and supporting their own business. Glass Apps can be used both for promotion purposes, or to even out business processes internally. What’s more it can also helpentrepreneurs offer direct assistance to their customer base in one form or another.

In today’s world, the internet is everything. You can achieve just about everything with the help of the internet. With the help of the Glass and the internet together one can touch every industry and increase the profitability of every sector.

It has already been seen that the Glass worked wonders in the area of medicine (surgery) and firefighting. We have also heard reports of testing the glass in the domains of the US air force. With so much potential, one can only imagine how bright the future of the device will be.

This article was written by Jill Elliott, currently pursuing her training to develop Google Glasses Apps