My Approach

Working with Zoozil is both fun and challenging. Constant innovation is a key component to this company as they offer a unique perspective on factual events for children to have fun while they read, Factual Fantasy™. Playing off the Fantasy idea, I designed a fun, interactive way to both compliment Zoozil’s books and also keep the users engaged within the app. Stop by their site and check out what they have in store!

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The Project

Working with Zoozil, I have had the privilege to lead the design of their mobile app, corporate website and their user admin system. From ideation and concepting to complete development, it has been a wonderful journey to see this product come to life! Be sure to check out the rest of this project page for previews and links below to download. Are you ready for your next adventure?

Coming to iOS  Coming to Android

Reading comprehension. Students are able to draw upon their background knowledge and personal knowledge to connect with the text. True-to-history endings are specifically delineated to avoid confusion.

Exploration. In the land of Zoozil, what-if questions are the root of adventure! Engage in exciting conversations with your students about the different choices they made throughout the story, why they chose them, and what they thought of the outcome.

Success. Support for literacy development is the key to students’ achievements beyond the classroom. It’s not just about academics, it’s about discovering the joys of reading and the enrichment of their lives through books.

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