New Ways to Save

Designed with an entirely new account and profile, user Toys R Us Mobile users will be able to experience additional ways to save with new award badges to redeem prizes, points system  and completely new mobile coupon design for instant in store savings, right through the mobile app! Don’t miss your chance to have the ultimate shopping experience!

Leveraging Technology

I left no stones unturned with the latest Toys R Us Mobile design. Taking in consideration all the new innovations in technology, I leveraged the iBeacon technology and Augmented Reality in this app design to enhance and optimize the entire in store shopping experience for the user. Augmented Reality gives the user an interactive way to see whats going on within the store while they shop, while the iBeacon map view give the user a pinpoint location of where they are, their saved wish-list items are located, along with other sale items located throughout the store. Be sure to keep an eye out for when this technology his the market, you wont want to miss it!

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