My Approach

Working with Anton, over at was a pleasure. I was challenged to help innovate a way to bring their website up to date and be more engaging way for their users. Working in collaboration with their team, I was able to help them create a great experience for their users and benefit their cause at the same time! If you are against violence and want to help do your part to make a dramatic change, then head over to and see how you can help.

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Their Cause

If the residents of an entire city can work together to stop gun violence for the sake of the Challenge To America, it becomes a movement, a game changer in terms of how communities work and function together. Stopping gun violence is not simply the responsibility of the police or the courts or the legislators. It’s the responsibility of every single person who lives in our communities-and the Challenge To America gives your community the chance to reward every member, for making the commitment to work towards reducing gun violence.

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