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A Little About Me

✓ Hands on executive leader with knowledge and advanced expertise in designing and developing web and mobile applications; to include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, Json, Angular.js, Node.js, PHP, C#, C++ and Objective C.

✓ Actively coaches and manages high-performing teams, composed by people from various backgrounds, including design, UX, UI, social sciences and business.

✓ Can identify industry trends quickly and broadly, with an ability to see the implications of trending years into the future.

✓ Ability to provide deep heuristic evaluations in user experience strategy and design, user personas, prototyping and conceptual mockups.

✓ Advisor to various Fortune 1000 companies in the approach to their standards of User Experience Design and Style Guides.

Who am I?

With over 14 years of experience in User Interface, User Experience, Design, and Front-end architecture, Michael Bianchi is a UX Innovation Evangelist and  Product Manager within TCS’s practice. As a leader in User Experience, he works with clients to design, develop and innovate new solutions around consumer-driven applications on the platform. Mr. Bianchi oversees customer design pilots, creates customer feedback loops and leads efforts around human-centered designs, to help clients create exceptional user experiences that leverage the Salesforce platform.

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Design is much more than simplicity, it adds value, meaning and clarity. It persuades and perhaps even amuses. That’s true customer experience.